AMBA members direct additional support to bolster barley research efforts
  • 07/27/2023

AMBA members direct additional support to bolster barley research efforts

The American Malting Barley Association (AMBA) each year directs member investment into a research grant program supporting its mission to encourage and support production of an adequate supply of high quality malting barley for the malting, brewing, distilling and food industries. Much of the work funded seeks to develop new, more competitive malting barley varieties, and to develop a better understanding of how to manage the crop to yield high quality. 

Industry leaders recognize the importance of AMBA’s investment, and we are excited to share two examples of how supplemental funding has been secured to further support our mission.

  • New Glarus Brewing Company has pledged $2,500; directly supporting Dr. Sarah Whitcomb at the USDA-ARS Cereal Crops Research Unit in Madison, WI on her project titled “Metabolomic fingerprints to discriminate malts for brewers and maltsters.” The project seeks to identify North American malts that are well matched to selected European malts in regards to their overall metabolite composition.

  • Bell’s-New Belgium Brewing Co. and the Michigan Brewers Guild each pledged $1,000; to be directed to the barley research program at Michigan State University. Their project, titled “Improving Resilience of U.S. Barley Production through Winter Barley in the Great Lakes Region” specifically addresses improved understanding and potential for winter malting barley. 

Leveraging AMBA’s existing research grant program is a great way to enhance your investment in barley research. If you have interest in making a contribution, reach out to Ashley to learn how to make that happen.