Barley supports America Grows Act of 2023
  • 06/22/2023

Barley supports America Grows Act of 2023

The American Malting Barley Association (AMBA) and the National Barley Improvement Committee (NBIC) have signified their desire for increased federal investment in agricultural research through their support of the American Grows Act of 2023, bipartisan legislation introduced by Senators Durbin (IL) and Moran (KS).

Despite an impressive return of investment ($20 for every dollar invested), federal funding of agricultural research has declined significantly over the past several years, while many of our international competitors have increased investment.

“U.S. funding in this area (agricultural research) has declined by 30 percent in real dollars since 2003 according to USDA, to roughly $5.2 billion, while other forms of domestic research have risen dramatically. At the same time, China has ramped up spending to more than $10 billion a year on public agriculture research as they seek to help their farmers better compete with U.S. producers.”

AMBA, NBIC, and 80+ other entities recently signed onto a letter addressed to federal appropriators and agricultural committee members encouraging the investment in agricultural research through this Act. The barley industry relies on this investment to make continual improvements to barley genetics and cultural practices that supports a more sustainable and resilient supply for various end-users.