Barley acreage seeded up 15% from 2021, stocks down
  • 06/30/2022

Barley acreage seeded up 15% from 2021, stocks down

The USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) released their acreage and grain stocks reports today, which revealed a 15% increase in planted acreage (3.05 million acres) over 2021. Acreage increases were realized in each of the top three growing states; Idaho, Montana, and North Dakota. 

Despite a late start to planting due to a wet and cool spring throughout some of the barley growing region, crop development has made substantial progress, only slightly behind the 5-year average. Approximately 56% of barley production is within an area experiencing drought, a substantial improvement through the spring that brought precipitation to both Idaho and North Dakota. 

Barley stocks continue to decline, totaling 42.2 million bushels in all positions, down 41% from June 2021. 

You can access the June 30, 2022 USDA NASS barley acreage and stock reports; along with other historical acreage, production, and stock reports, from the AMBA website

You can find additional barley data at the NASS website