Admiral Maltings invests in barley through AMBA membership
  • 01/18/2023

Admiral Maltings invests in barley through AMBA membership

The newest member of the American Malting Barley Association (AMBA) hails from Alameda, California and specializes in small-batch, floor malted grains tapping into the terroir of the region. Admiral Maltings, founded by a pair of brewers and a farmer, set out to partner with California growers to source quality grains to produce exceptional malts using their unique floor malting process. 

The trio – Ron Silberstein, Dave McLean, and Curtis Davenport – run their Bay-area malthouse out of a former World War II-era naval dry goods warehouse, which now houses the first floor malting operation in California since Prohibition. Other ventures include a pub, affectionately named The Rake, referencing the essential floor malting tool, and offers 20+ beers and spirits, all of which include Admiral malt.  

Admiral Malting chose to join AMBA to support barley research and variety development and also looks forward to engaging with industry colleagues. As a member of this community, they hope to gain a broader perspective from their barley, malt, and brewing colleagues to stay informed on emerging barley issues and have access to the latest barley research and varieties in the development pipeline. Their interest complements an emerging body of work supported through AMBA investment in the barley research program at UC-Davis. 

AMBA welcomes this unique floor malting operation, Admiral Maltings, to our membership base. They are our first non-brewing member to hail from California, and their participation and investment furthers our mission to encourage and support production of an adequate supply of high quality malting barley for our various end-user members. This is accomplished by building a network of engaged barley interests so that the best available research informs the development and production of the U.S. malting barley crop. Learn more about joining AMBA today

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