McFarland sits down with the Master Brewer’s podcast to discuss the future of winter malting barley

Winter malting barley production, once isolated to only a few growing regions in the U.S., has been gaining popularity for a host of reasons. Ashley McFarland, AMBA’s vice president and technical director, recently joined John Bryce, host of the Master Brewer’s podcast, to discuss. They were joined by Zach Gaines (Proximity Malt), Nicholas Santantonio (Virginia Tech) and Trey Hill (Harborview Farms).

The podcast explores the history of winter malting barley cultivation and its benefits to farmers, maltsters, and brewers. Beyond giving growers additional cropping options, it provides a winter cover to protect soil health and water quality. Furthermore, it opens up opportunities for barley in non-traditional growing regions, keeping the grain closer to the user, like never before. Other topics of discussion include the process by which new winter barley emerges onto the scene, including the challenges that barley breeders are still tackling, including winter-hardiness and seed dormancy, to ensure success across the supply chain.

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