Master Brewers Association of the Americas seek submissions to their upcoming grain and malt focused Technical Quarterly

Call for papers by: Master Brewers Association of the Americas

Barley and malt are the soul of beer, and as we look at barley in the past and in the present, we have to realize that change is inevitable and ongoing. Driven by market forces that prioritized efficacy, the past 100 years has seen an increase in enzyme levels, a significant decrease in malting time, and vastly improved consistency. Today, priorities have diversified to include climate change, genetics, agronomics, alternative grains, and a greater emphasis on flavor. The upcoming Technical Quarterly (TQ) Focus Issue will examine grains and malting to help us understand where we are and where we may want to go.

MBAA is inviting members and authors to publish their original research, reviews, best practices, and essays on needs for the future of grains and malt. Related cereal grains such as wheat and sorghum are all grist for the mill as well.

We invite you to submit proposals, outlines, and/or drafts of your articles to Focus Issue Guest Editors Evan Evans, Glen Fox, and Xiang Yin or to TQ Editor-in-Chief John Palmer. Generally, we are looking for articles that are 2,000–5,000 words, although shorter and longer articles are acceptable with quality content. The article submission deadline is May 15, 2022.

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