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A community of 50+ malting, brewing, distilling, and food companies.

Any entity actively engaged in business as a maltster, brewer, distiller, or food manufacturer using barley malt is eligible for membership. AMBA has two membership categories, Regular and Associate. Dues are volume based and assessed annually. Joining our community of Members provides interaction with forward thinkers in the industry and access to content that allows you to make informed decisions regarding your malting barley supply.

  • Unified Industry Voice

    We represent all end-users of malt barley

  • Research Investment

    Your dues are directly invested in barley research

  • Connected Community

    We collectively work towards better barley

  • Political Influence

    We take your needs to the Hill and deliver results


Frequency and Purpose

Board of Director and Technical Committee

Open to all membership, although only regular members are allowed to vote; meets twice/year and are primarily in-person.

Quality Evaluation Program Subcommittee

Open to members most interested in advising our variety evaluation program; meets in the spring and other times as needed.

Agricultural Policy Committee

Advises on U.S. farm policy matters, including crop insurance, transportation, and topics included in the Farm Bill; meets as needed.

Communication and Membership Committee

Advises on communication efforts of the association and assists with new member recruitment; meets quarterly.

Sustainability Task Force

Newly formed in 2022 to develop strategies around promoting and improving barley sustainability; meets as needed.