Cool conditions persist across much of the barley growing region

Considerable planting progress has been made over the past few weeks, despite battling persistent cool and wet conditions throughout the northwest and upper Midwest. Typically, barley is planted by June, but notably in North Dakota and Minnesota, this is not the case. A more accurate accounting of acreage planted will be released in the June 30th Acreage Report to see if the 11% increase in barley acreage is realized in 2022. 

Cool weather, in general, is slowing crop development, but barley is proving to be a resilient crop in many areas despite ongoing severe drought conditions. The U.S. Drought Monitor is now showing 66% of the barley region in drought, which shows improvement from the past month. 

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Crop progress summaries:

Northwest Region (Idaho-Washington-Oregon): Cool and wet conditions persist. Barley emergence on par with average year, although across all crops, an up to three week delay in crop development has been reported in some areas. Although conditions have slowed crops, top and subsoil moisture levels are being replenished. 

Montana: Dry and windy conditions persist, exasperating the ongoing drought across nearly 95% of the state. 90% of barley is emerged with 10% booted, slightly ahead of average, although only 18% of the barley is rated in good condition. Only 35% of topsoil and 24% of subsoil moisture is rated adequate . 

Colorado: Drought conditions persist in 88% of the state, although some areas received much needed moisture last week. Nearly all the barley is emerged with 91% in fair or better condition, despite topsoil moisture at only 43% adequate and subsoil at 21% adequate. 

Wyoming: Cool weather was experienced throughout much of the state, but moisture was also received last week, slightly easing drought in some regions. About half of top and subsoil moisture levels are still short to very short. 92% of barley is emerged with 28% jointed. 91% of the barley is rated in good condition with 9% rated fair. 

North Dakota: Only 75% of barley has been planted at a time when on average, all barley would typically be in the ground. Furthermore, only 29% is reported as emerged, well behind the average of 85% for this time of year. Top and subsoil moisture is at 95% and 92% adequate or surplus, respectively. 

Minnesota: Top and subsoil moistures are now only rated 2 or 3% short, respectively. However, only 60% of barley has been planted, well behind the 98% average. Emergence is also delayed at only 35% (5-year average 90%). Delays are reported in most other crops as well. 

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