Article Feature: Malt Barley Yield and Quality Response to Nitrogen and Irrigation Termination Timing

This article was originally published in Crops & Soils (WERA-103) on October 11, 2022. It is posted here with permission from the authors. 

By Christopher W. Rogers, USDA-ARS, Northwest Irrigation and Soils Research, Kimberly, ID; Biswanath Dari, North Carolina State Extension, North Carolina State A&T, Greensboro, NC;  and Jason Walling, USDA-ARS Cereal Crops Research Unit, Madison, WI

Droughts in the western United States have led to an increased and pressing need to consider how to manage crops with less water for the future sustainability of production in the  region. Fertilizer nitrogen (N) recommendations in the western United States have often been determined where irrigation was a non-limiting factor. However, when irrigation is a  limiting factor, it is critical to consider the interrelationship with irrigation amounts and N applications rates as crop yield and quality can be heavily influenced in both positive and negative ways. An irrigation termination and N fertilizer rate study was conducted to investigate malt barley yield and quality response in Kimberly, ID.

Read the full article here.

Image: Small-plot barley irrigation research rate trial at the USDA-ARS Northwest Irrigation and Soil Research Laboratory Kimberly, ID. Photo by Dr. Christopher W. Rogers.


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