Canada Grains Council releases fact sheet on gene editing

The Canada Grains Council has released a fact sheet on gene editing technology that is a relatively new method plant breeders can use to make precise, targeted changes to a plant’s DNA. Recently, the Government of Canada has confirmed that gene-edited crops will be regulated much the same as conventionally-bred crops. Furthermore, Health Canada has determined that the targeted editing of a plant’s own DNA produces no greater human health risk than conventional plant breeding methods. The released fact sheet provides answers to common questions from value chain stakeholders about this new technology and its implementation.

The landscape in the United States is a bit more complicated, as was explored in the June 2022 webinar: Biotech & Barley that you can view here. To stay up to date with the most recent advancements in U.S. biotechnology regulation, visit this website. You can learn more about gene editing technologies from the Innovature website, hosted by the American Seed Trade Association.

Canada Grains Council fact sheet: