Why is barley so important?

AMBA's work is focused on better barley

3 million acres of this humble crop are planted each year, but securing a high quality and sustainable supply is facing increasing pressures from the changing climate, competition from other crops, and decreasing investment in research. AMBA exists to ensure their members have access to the barley they need for their products. This is accomplished through robust investments in research and development and engagement at the federal level to inform policy and funding decisions - resulting in BETTER BARLEY.

Recommended Varieties

The AMBA Recommended Variety List is intended to provide U.S. growers with guidance as to what varieties the industry may be contracting or purchasing in the coming year. It is not intended as a list of approved or certified malting varieties for the use by brewers, distillers, food companies, or maltsters. There may be many suitable malting barley varieties grown domestically or internationally that are not on the list yet have quality characteristics desired by the industry. Some varieties will be used in large quantities and many others are only utilized in niche markets, so producers are encouraged to contact their local elevator, grain handler or processor to gauge market demand for any variety grown in their region prior to seeding.

The list is updated and approved each year by the AMBA Board of Directors based on recommendations from the Technical Committee. A benefit of Regular AMBA membership is the ability to request additions to the list given sufficient quality data backs-up the recommendation.

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