AMBA leads panel at Craft Brewers Conference addressing barley supply in a changing climate

The 39th Craft Brewers Conference & BrewExpo America, presented by the Brewers Association, will be held Monday, May 2 – Thursday, May 5, 2022 at the Minneapolis Convention Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The event, which is America’s largest craft brewing industry gathering, draws thousands of attendees each year. 

Featured in the Quality & Ingredients track is a panel addressing “Malting Barley Supply in a Changing Climate.” Moderated by Ashley McFarland, vice president and technical director of AMBA, this roundtable will explore our changing climate and the impacts it will have on the growing conditions and resulting quality of the U.S. malting barley crop. Joined by a climate scientist and barley breeder, McFarland will guide the discussion on how the climate is changing and what our research community is doing to bring forward more resilient barley varieties to combat increasing abiotic stressors. You will also hear from a barley grower that has first hand experience with getting a malting barley crop off the field despite the drought, warmer evenings, and untimely rains. The roundtable will wrap up with a discussion on how to pivot from this certain fate and how to support the domestic malting barley industry despite evolving quality challenges from the perspective of a craft brewing icon. 

Panelists joining McFarland include:

  • Dr. Kenny Blumenfeld – Senior Climatologist, Minnesota Climatology Office, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources
  • Buzz Mattelin – farmer and past president of the National Barley Growers Association
  • Dr. Patrick Hayes – professor and barley breeder at Oregon State University
  • John Mallett – vice president of operations, Bell’s Brewery

AMBA hopes you will join the session and looks forward to seeing you at the conference! Follow Ashley at CBC on Twitter @AMBA_Barley. To learn more about the Craft Brewers Conference, visit the event site: