Biotechnology Statements

Joint statement from the American Malting Barley Association (AMBA), National Barley Improvement Committee (NBIC), and the Brewing and Malting Barley Research Institute (BMBRI):

There are no genetically modified (GM) barley varieties for sale or in commercial production in North America.  With its low acreage compared to other major crops and limited seed sale potential, mixed views of barley end users on GM barley use, and substantial developmental and regulatory costs which may preclude recovering investment, it is our understanding that no biotechnology seed companies have plans to go forward with commercializing a GM barley at this time.  It would take over ten years or more of research development and regulatory approval steps to commercialize a GM barley.

The American Malting Barley Association (AMBA) and Brewing and Malting Barley Research Institute (BMBRI) provide funding for basic barley research in plant physiology, biochemistry and fundamental genomics as well as for more applied research in barley variety development. AMBA, BMBRI, and the National Barley Improvement Committee are supportive of various public sector programs funding barley biotechnology research to ensure scientific advancement and to keep barley competitive with other crops.

The American Malting Barley Association (AMBA) is a nonprofit trade association representing US malting, brewing, & distilling companies. AMBA’s mission is to encourage and support an adequate supply of high quality malting barley for the malting, brewing, distilling, and food industries and increase our understanding of malting barley.

The Brewing and Malting Barley Research Institute (BMBRI) is a Canadian non-profit organization representing its malting and brewing industry members who use Canadian malting barley and malt, and other related malting barley value chain members, in the area of malting barley breeding and development.  BMBRI funds various Canadian malting barley breeding and research programs, alongside government and grower funding agencies for the benefit of the overall industry.

The National Barley Improvement Committee (NBIC) represents the US barley community of growers, researchers, malting, brewing distilling, and food end-users.  The NBIC serves as a national forum for discussion of matters important to barley research, production and utilization; serves in an information distribution capacity to all persons interested in barley; helps identify national and regional priorities and encourage their adoption and proper funding; and serves in an advisory capacity as is appropriate to national or regional groups.