Barley Research Program

The American Malting Barley Association’s (AMBA) research grant program is directed at meeting its mission to encourage and support an adequate supply of high quality malting barley for the malting, brewing, distilling, and food industries and to increase our understanding of malting barley. AMBA’s vision is to be the leader in improvement, development, and understanding of malting barley. AMBA’s substantial support augments state and federal funds allocated for barley research.

The core of AMBA’s research program is applied barley breeding and related support programs, including basic research. Other support is provided for research projects on diseases, insect pests, variety evaluation, production, management, and malting quality. Significant progress has been realized in the improvement of malting barley varieties as a result of the collaborative efforts of state and federal research facilities and industry partners. At the same time, there is always the need for new varieties that reduce the risk to the grower, provide improved quality characteristics to the end-user, and remain competitive with other crop options.

Each year, a request for proposals is typically announced in January, with submissions due in March, and funding decisions announced in June. If you would like to be considered for funding through AMBA’s research program, contact Scott Heisel (

The most recently funded research can be found here:

2022-2023 AMBA Funded Research